Notes | Note to self

Sometimes we just feel useless and not worthy to be happy. Tears are just bursting out and we’re ready to give up everything.  When that happens to you, this letter will perfect reminder to love yourself once again. This note is from the book called Unfiltered by Lilly Collins I’ve recently read. In her book, she permitted that this can be torn out and folded in your wallet, pinned up on your wall or mirror, or simply read once and then put away for a rainy day.  So I post it here to share to someone who needs it the most. Take your time and read this note to your inner heart.

A note to self:

I know I find it really difficult to love me sometimes. but I vow to always try my best. There are days when I feel like I’m not good enough, strong enough, just simply not enough. Those days are some of the hardest. They test the weakest parts of me and trigger doubt, distress, and pain. But, more importantly, they are the days that build up my inner strength and define my true sense of self. No matter what I’ve endured in the past, what others have done to me- I have the ability and the will to move forward. I will not give up. I will not undervalue or underestimate my capabilities. I can’t look to someone else to be my everything or rely on them to make me feel whole. I am whole just as I am. I am defined, not by my life experiences, but by how I let them affect me and how I handle myself in each situation. Just because someone treats me badly doesn’t mean that I am a bad person or worthy. It definitely doesn’t mean I must treat myself the same way. I know I’ve felt abandoned, ashamed, and let down. I know I’ve been hurt. I also know I’ve hurt myself to draw my attention away from the pain inflicted on me by others. But that doesn’t help anything. It doesn’t change the other person and certainly doesn’t change what happened. I need to open my eyes and let the light in. I know the darkness can become all too comfortable and normal I begin to expect it. But it doesn’t have to be so. And, at the same time, I must acknowledge that the darkness is important because I can’t know what the light feels like without it. It isn’t all bad. When someone else casts their darkness on me, I can use it to learn and to grow. I shouldn’t dwell on the things they said to me or the way they made me feel. Those words were not true. They were not kind. And I deserve to be spoken to only with kindness. My worth is not defined by their actions because their actions are not a reflection of my worth. Those actions say much more about who they are than who I am. When I love, I love hard. And I won’t let someone trample over my heart. I won’t convince myself that they were, and still are, the only person who will ever love me. That’s not love. That’s not how love is supposed to feel. But there is someone out there who will show me what real, honest love is. They will respect and accept me for me and won’t make me feel less than. In order to fins that person and truly let them in, first I must believe in myself and know my own value. It’s now selfish to want these things nor is it selfish to think them.I deserve happiness. I deserve to be loved just as I love others. I deserve everything. I must forgive myself for being in some of the situations I’ve been in. For staying. For putting up with less than I deserve. There is no shame in what I went through. Forgiving myself is just as important as forgiving others. But now I know. Now I know I deserve to be the happiest, most fulfilled version of myself that I can possibly be. And I promise to use my experiences to continue to grow, heal, and expand my life. It starts with me. In order to accept the love I deserve from someone else, I must truly believe that I am worthy of it. And I am. And I’ll never let anyone tell me differently.

I value myself. I respect myself. I appreciate myself. I accept myself. I love myself. Always and forever.

                                                                                                        Me xoxo






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