Notes| One year – Self Learning Korean

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Notes| Creating Beauty

Twilight-н хуримын хэсгийг үзээд сэтгэл нь догдолж мөрөөдөлд автаагүй эмэгтэй бараг байхгүй байх. Энэ киноны хамгийн үзэсгэлэнтэй үзэгдэл. Төгс төгөлдөр вампирын хамаатнууд бас Беллагийн даашинз, дуу гээд сэтгэл догдлуулах зүйл олон байгаа ч хамгийн хараа булааж буй нь яах аргагүй хурим болж буй үлгэрийн мэт орчин.

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Roses | Meaning

Today, I start a new series “Roses” which I’ve always held off researching it because it might be a wide topic. You know the rose is not just a rose. After reading “rose series”, you are able to recognize what sort of rose you receive, what its meaning and also how roses are been depicted in art and literature. Hope you enjoy it.

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Notes | Note to self

Sometimes we just feel useless and not worthy to be happy. Tears are just bursting out and we’re ready to give up everything.  When that happens to you, this letter will perfect reminder to love yourself once again. This note is from the book called Unfiltered by Lilly Collins I’ve recently read. In her book, she permitted that this can be torn out and folded in your wallet, pinned up on your wall or mirror, or simply read once and then put away for a rainy day.  So I post it here to share to someone who needs it the most. Take your time and read this note to your inner heart.

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Wanderlust | Under the bridge – The Ponte Marie

The Valentine’s Day is here too soon. And so all these “hearty” atmospheres influenced on me to writing today’s post. All about love… romantic love. In fact, I’ve never figured out what love is or what my ideal date would be even I’ve listened to Taylor Swift songs from romantic to break up for many years. It means I am totally a hopeless romantic person. Right? BUT  It was just past till Paris made me think about LOVE.

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