Wanderlust | Under the bridge – The Ponte Marie

The Valentine’s Day is here too soon. And so all these “hearty” atmospheres influenced on me to writing today’s post. All about love… romantic love. In fact, I’ve never figured out what love is or what my ideal date would be even I’ve listened to Taylor Swift songs from romantic to break up for many years. It means I am totally a hopeless romantic person. Right? BUT  It was just past till Paris made me think about LOVE.


 Paris city is on every girl’s list of must visit place in the world. Of course, It’s on mine too.  I’ve been falling love with Paris at first sight when I watched Begin Again music video. Just see how she’s walking on the cobblestone street with that gorgeous dress. The cafe, bicycle, bench, and river Seine. Like a fairy tale. Since that day, I’ve started researching more about Paris, France.  And imagining that ONE DAY.  Recently I found exciting facts about Paris.  Which IS?

Have you ever heard about The Pont- Marie?  I didn’t before watching this beautiful Japanese movie called “I have to buy new shoes” produced by Shunji Iwai. I’ve mentioned this movie before on September note. Today I watched it again with my sister and got back “feeling” about PARIS again.


There’s a legend that if you make a wish with your lover under The Pont-Marie known as the “bridge of lovers” your wishes will be granted. Maybe it sounds cliches for you as like kissing in front of the Eiffel Tower. But to me, it sounds enchanting. In this movie, they didn’t kiss or do anything but you can feel the romantic real chemistry. It’s amazing. And this movie also will guide you Paris a little bit.

Besides that, I think sunset is the best time to travel up and down the Seine with a riverboat. It’s more romantic. isn’t it?

And the most essential part of this movie is beautiful and heart-touching melodies of the greatest Ryuichi Sakamoto (my pride).


The end.

If you don’t know anything about where you visited, there’s no point to just glaring these fascinating buildings and remarkable creation. There’s nothing to say to a person who saw the Eiffel tower then said: “Oh look it’s just huge clinker”. Right? It’s bad that some people who have a great opportunity to travel everywhere aren’t able to value enough what they have. In order to feel a great joy, this is my way of preparing the trip: researching, studying, watching movies and taking notes. Of course, everything might not work out like what I expected but at least I hope it helps me to focus on the good side of everything.

Очсон газрынхаа тухай юуг ч мэдэхгүй, мэдэхийг ч хүсэхгүй байх юм бол ямар ч гайхалтай бүтээл, барилга байгууламж байлаа гээд гайхалтай байхгүй юм шиг санагддаг. Эйффелийн цамхагийг нүдээрээ очиж харчихаад хэдэн төмөр л байна лээ гэж байгаа хүнтэй юу ч ярих вэ дээ. Тийм биз. Зарим хүмүүст бусдын мөрөөдөл болсон боломж байгаа боловч үнэ цэнэтэйгээр ашигладаггүй нь харамсалтай. Иймээс л аялалд гарах үедээ өндөр сэтгэгдэл, гайхалтай мэдрэмжийг мэдрэхийн тулд бэлтгэлээ ингэж эртнээс судлан хангаж байгаа гэх үү дээ. Мэдээж юм бүхэн төсөөлсөн шиг минь байхгүй ч ядахнаа сайхан зүйлд нь төвлөрч, олж хардаг болох байх гэж найдаж байна.


Wanderlust |Diamond Snow Hokkaido Japan

I heard  Japan has the most beautiful winter. So I did some research on Internet and finally I found this wonderful phenomenon.

Diamond dust

A type of precipitation composed of slowly falling, very small, unbranched crystals of ice which often seem to float in the air; it may fall from a high cloud or from a cloudless sky, it usually occurs under frosty weather conditions (under very low air temperatures)               source: National Snow and Ice data Center  ( NSIDC)

It could be just not in one specific spot but it often observed in inland area of Hokkaido like Asahikawa and Furano which is the one of the snowiest places on Earth. If you spend your winter holiday there, your travel would be amazing.

There is a myth that if two people see Diamond snow together they will fall in love and living happily ever after. Whether with someone or not I really want to see this beautiful snow.

Here it is a real miracle in Hokkaido in winter.

Diamond dust flustered in the air like stars are falling and slowly dancing. It does not fall when it comes to a windless state, but it goes up against gravity. It is too beautiful to be words…

Очир эрдэнэн тоос

Aгаарт хөвж байгаа мэт харагдах маш жижигхэн,  салаалаагүй талст бүтэцтэй, удаанаар тэнгэрээс унах хур тунадасны нэг хэлбэр бөгөөд хүйтэн жавартай буюу маш бага температуртай нөхцөлд, үүлгүй тэнгэр юмуу өндөрт байх үүлнээс унадаг гэж үздэг.                                                    эх сурвалж: Үндэсний Цас болон Мөсний Дата төв

Үүнийг үзэж болох тусгай ганц газар гэж байхгүй боловч дэлхийн хамгийн их цастай газар болох Японы Хоккайдогийн Ашикава болон Фурано зэрэг гүн хэсэгт ажиглагддаг байна. Хоккайдод өвөл зочилбол таны аялал үнэхээр ер бусын байх бололтой.

Нутгийн иргэдийн дунд хэрвээ очир эрдэнэн цасыг хэн нэгэнтэй хамт харвал тэд нэг нэгэндээ дурлан хамтдаа урт удаан жаргалтай амьдардаг гэсэн домог байдаг байна. Хэн нэгэнтэй хамт эсвэл ганцаараа харах эсэх нь хамаагүй ийм үзэсгэлэнтэй цасыг үнэхээр харахыг хүсч байна шүү.


Очир эрдэнэн тоос агаарт яг л одод буугаад удаанаар эргэлдэн бүжиглэж байгаа мэт гялтганана. Салхигүй үед доош унах бус харин татах хүчний эсрэг дээшилнэ. Үгээр тайлбарлахын аргагүй тансаг гоо үзэсгэлэн…